B.Sc Edgar Yovanny Quevedo Acosta


Yovanny was born in Facatativá (Cundinamarca) in 1990, and obtained his bachelor degree in chemistry at Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas at Bogotá in 2013. Then he obtained a research fellowship at Universidad Nacional de Colombia where he worked in organic synthesis with Dr. Rodolfo Quevedo, studying the reactivity of β-arylethylamines with non-enolizable aldehydes and the role of hydroxyl groups on the aromatic ring in the reactivity of phenethylamines with benzofused ketones. In July 2016, he started his PhD at Universidad de los Andes working under the supervision of Dr. Diego Gamba and Dr. Igor Dias-Jurberg working in Pummerer-type reactions and C-H activation strategies in order to obtain indolizidinic sistems.