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M.Sc Camilo Andres Mahecha Mahecha

M.Sc Camilo Andres Mahecha Mahecha

Camilo Andres Mahecha was born in Villeta, Colombia, in 1884. He obtained his B.Sc degree from Francisco José de Caldas District University  (Bogotá- Colombia) in 2006; then he did postgraduate studies and obtained a M.Sc. in natural products chemistry from Javeriana University (Bogota- Colombia), studying the chemistry of the Colombian plant species Siparuna sessiliflora under the supervision of M.Sc .Elizabeth Gil Archila. Later he worked for six years as a part-time professor at the University of Applied and Environmental Sciences (UDCA. In August 2016, he began his doctorate  in chemistry from Universidad de Los Andes  (Bogotá- Colombia), where he joined the research group of Dr. Diego Gamba, (Laboratory of organic synthesis bio and organocatalysis), there he is performing the synthesis of potential modulators of potassium channels TASK-3, derived from benzofurans; in the first semester of 2019 he was working at the University of Poitiers (Poitiers-France), under the supervision of Dr. Frédéric Lecornué and Dr. Sebastien Thibaudeau, his work included the development of a new synthesis route for PAHs (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon).

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Our aim is to develop new organic transformations and applying them in the total synthesis of natural products. The choice of the target molecules is made based on its biological activity; the synthesis of the natural occurring molecules is complemented with the synthesis of structural analogues oriented to improve their biological properties. 

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