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If you have an interest for the optimal nutrition and holistic health, chances are you have experienced a colon cleanse, or, at least, the concept of reach. They probably also part of the hearing that, if the dark matter is sometimes coated called "mucoid plaque" ideal diet and detoxification regularly go, your intestines adhesive layer.
The idea is that each time a "less than perfect" food, an additional layer of mucus secreted intestinal wall for protection against harsh effects of bacterial fermentation. This is the next meal instead of fibrous green mass of each subsequent layer another layer of mucus, and then swept another - so the conventional wisdom goes - inside the colon coatings, and influences.

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Since the intestine, water is removed from the mixture spends a lot of time on this material as Tyr. After a really old and hard, dark coating that inhibits the absorption of nutrients, it slows down the passage of material through the intestines, and is home to harmful bacteria, which produce an endless wave of toxic materials, stresses the immune system, and it is candida, IBS, and so on.
This statement is graphically symptoms of immune deficiency and eat a diet, it is still the main argument behind most colon cleansing products available today, and said a lot of naturopathic Lore from food, fasting and detoxification.
It was that geniuses like Dr. Bernard Jensen and Victor Irons developed a century ago, the process to bring the opposite fiber in the intestine in a big way to radically change the intestinal degeneration. With great success, she uses a combination of strong digestive enzymes to soften the unwanted material and digested fiber to scan the contents. Variations on this theme, as well as quickly and Colonics juice, is still considered the fastest and best way to discharge common condition and its many symptoms. As a result, the distributed transaction demonstrates the state and its resolution.
See, however, colonoscopy, suggesting that the principles mentioned above, were not available, we can now that the old thing that really does not exist at the root of this theory in the gut!
So now many Veer in the opposite direction, stating that, if not hardened mucus, then the process of colon cleansing is useless and meaningless. But keep this in context. The failure of this statement should not be thousands of people who benefit from the shadows found practical. So, of course, we have to achieve a developed understanding of that new information colonoscopy with amazing results, of course, achieved by purifying the human colon contains.
Helping hundreds of settlers to ease their burden annoying, and one of the first, this little hiccup, which is present in our fundamental principle of caring for the intestine to be (as it seems), I was (pun intended) to the bottom, to determine this .
I spoke with many people in the profession, (in my opinion) "must" to know why we do not see any physical trace of these materials in medical procedures semi-invasive. My search for an answer revealed something much worse than a mystery. It would seem, on both sides of the fundamental rejection of the question.
The medical profession has always denied the existence of these materials, as their current diagnostic methods do not reveal (but then they were before these methods were designed to deny). They give little attention to the fact that there is something disturbing, gut long before the symptoms of the patient is "worthy of drugs" for them.
At the same time, alternative doctors do not know what is wrong of the intestine that affects the entire body, and it is also reversible. But many of them are so close to the old model of the Jensen, they do not question why the alleged material colonoscopy materials do not have.
Anyway, ropey counter, smelly mess continues to make its customers, and all that I can offer my own hypothesis.
With the creation of interesting and some sporadic colon hydro therapist, as well as their own experience over many years, can be prepared a plausible explanation. Nevertheless, it is important to prove in any way.
We know that food that has destroyed their inherent content of the enzyme in the preparation of food, and then combined with the fact that the digestive secretions inhibits the body, usually fermented, and does not condense. After all, these harmful bacteria benefit (more on this in future articles), a large amount of toxic waste that are generated, how they reproduce.
Since these toxic load is a regular event, is saturated with the intestinal wall and collects the material, it can not clean as all organs: kidney stones and gall bladder is saturation; The acids in muscle and fat reserves; calcified bone spurs; Tar cluster in the lungs; brain and even the accumulation of certain metals and toxins.
Thus, the actual situation, apparently, is the fact that there is a toxic heavy load in the intestine, but it is located between and in the cells of the intestinal wall or as a coating on a wall that has occurred. Since muscle of the intestinal wall structures are very sensitive to stress, promotes blood flow and inhibits toxic build bowel muscles are more likely to do so than other muscles. Thus, colon cleaning integrate some components to grow cells to release their toxicity of baggage, the other component for scanning.
Jensen digestive system uses enzymes that can also cause lung irritation of the intestines. Many herbal and "natural" poisons are drugs which are used to cause a reaction. Some systems use the herbs which are provocative, while other processes use oxygen. To eliminate these stimuli, intestinal mucus additional lubrication throws and throws out the toxins in this process. Psyllium husk (ancient India used Jensen husk) and absorb toxic and is discharged from the intestinal mucus.
So many people celebrate their big dark expulsion during the retreat, or using my home herb mixtures, without recognizing that much of the equipment they left that plantain, departed yesterday! Dark heart of the matter, not to celebrate the vehicle in which it is located.
But for those who received nothing from his previous large intestine, there is comfort in the fact that if they continue to put in plantain and although their next colon get anything yet, that one, the following are worthy of an avalanche photo!
Thus, according to this new paradigm, it is the combined factors of eating only stimulants (sorry if this is a questionable word, but let's be real here), and the earth for a week, which makes leaving all the equipment used for intestinal toxic waste . There were no gastrointestinal (absorb) working in these "meals" are made, and so all available energy corresponds detoxification (expulsion).
If you normally eat, and there is no provocation, to stimulate additional detoxification and equipment safely released in the colon session only material published in any case, regardless of well-intentioned and professional therapists.
And finally, when the colon is cleansed of this in a thrombosed external hemorrhoid natural treatment way, we lose much of the content of bacteria. Like most people, the bacterial balance in favor of harmful bacteria in the first place (and hence, the need for Colonics), it is not bad. But in fact, it means that the colon cleansing to get rid of harmful bacteria by-products, and there is a danger that a bacterial vacuum left behind are filled with harmful bacteria, and you know exactly where you were.
In order to replace the good guys in heavy abundance. Judicious use of both prebiotics and probiotics in the month after treatment can not be overstated. This is undoubtedly the most important thing you do as follows.
In conclusion, I would like to say that we all know, probiotics, acidophilus, in fact, are not so useful for the success of the process of digestion. It's easy to create the easiest and cheapest. Look for probiotics, which has a variety of strains. And always prebiotic front F.O.S. The application will be easy to do wonders for the feed of the armed inhabit you. Fructo-oligosaccharides are sugars that your body thrives effectively spoon in the intestine to increase the bacteria likes.
Of course, we would have, we have developed constant topping up these things about the jungle diet. But, as we now live, and eat as much of the source, we have lost many of the most important factors in our health. Some of the most important to replace - even with products sometimes - to make a real difference.

thrombosed external hemorrhoid home remedy
In the next issue we will take a closer look at the bacterial balance, and his relationship with the power to decide the immune system and nutrition.

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