M Sc Jorge Emilio Parra


Jorge Emilio Parra Amin

Jorge obtained his Bachelor degree in Chemistry at Universidad Distrital in Bogotá, then he obtained his Master degree with honors in Natural Products Chemistry at Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Bogotá in the group "Estudio Químico y de Actividad Biológica de Rutaceae y Myristicaceae Colombianas", at the “Laboratorio de Productos Naturales Vegetales”. After that, he started his PhD in the same group, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Luis Enrique Cuca Suárez, studying the chemistry of vegetal Colombian species of the genus Piper (Piperaceae), obtaining two new compounds active against phytopathogenic fungi that attack crops of Colombian tropical fruit, and two scientific articles in Phytochemistry Letters.

In January 2016 he joined the group of Dr. Diego Gamba Sánchez at Universidad de los Andes as visiting PhD student, He is working on the the synthesis of analogs of the isolated active compounds from species of the genus Piper in search of improving biological activity.

He has also worked for four years as a chemistry teacher in different universities such us: Universidad Manuela Beltrán, U. De Cundinamarca, U. Militar Nueva Granada, U. Jorge Tadeo Lozano and U. De Ciencias Aplicadas and Ambientales (U.D.C.A.).