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Anachelin H

Anachelin H is a complex metabolite isolated from Anabaena cylindrica, it was suggested that Anachelin acts as a siderophore. Which are small molecules liberated by bacteria to complex iron in a close environment. Our interest is the synthesis of Anachelin-Antibiotic conjugates and the study of these molecules as antibacterial agents.

The retrosynthetic analysis afforded three fragments: alkaloid (A), peptide (B) and polyketide (C).

At present we have synthesized fragments B and C and we are currently working in the synthesis of fragment A.


Different bengazoles have been isolated and its principal difference is the R group on the secondary oxygen. These compounds are isolated from marine organisms (sponges) and they have shown potent antifungal activity. Typically bengazole A is know to have a potent activity against Candida Albicans comparable to amphotericin B.

We try to install the 1,3-diol moiety using a intramolecular oxa-Michael reaction.


Antimycins are isolated from Streptomyces since 1949, different substituents are present in positions 7 and 9 of dilactone ring. It has been established that those substituents are mainly responsible for the biological activity in antimycins. Our aim is to prepare structural analogues of antimycins with the same cyclic core but changing the groups in position 9, which is usually a methyl group in natural occurring antimycins.


Resorcylic acid lactones (RALs) are compounds capable of selective inhibition of TAK1 protein. We are interested in the synthesis of 5Z-7-oxozeaenol using biocatalytic reductions to install the stereogenic centers.

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Our aim is to develop new organic transformations and applying them in the total synthesis of natural products. The choice of the target molecules is made based on its biological activity; the synthesis of the natural occurring molecules is complemented with the synthesis of structural analogues oriented to improve their biological properties. 

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