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Pummerer Chemisty

We use Pummerer chemistry (which is based in the reaction of a thionium ion with nucleophiles) to generate heterocyclic compounds; these can be pyrrols, oxazoles, thiazoles, among others. Our strategy is based on tandem process where Pummerer reaction is used as the key step.

syn 1,3-diols

The intramolecular Evans-Prunet addition is extensively used to install the syn 1,3-diol moieties in several natural products synthesis. This reaction is carried out in basic medium which make it difficult to apply when other acidic funtions are present, we work on modifications of the Evans-Prunet methodology in order to have a method applicable to acidic substrates.

Synthesis of Amides

New methods for atom economic synthesis of amides are developed, they use direct oxidative addition to aldehydes, direct activation of carboxylic acids using microwaves or transamidation reactions of amides.

About Us

Our aim is to develop new organic transformations and applying them in the total synthesis of natural products. The choice of the target molecules is made based on its biological activity; the synthesis of the natural occurring molecules is complemented with the synthesis of structural analogues oriented to improve their biological properties. 

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